Wayfinder Webinar

Wayfinder represents the frontier in resilience and sustainability science, synthesized into a clear, coherent and hands-on approach. Encouraging a new generation of resilience practice, Wayfinder will help development practitioners, project teams, policymakers and other changemakers navigate towards sustainable, safe and just futures.

Through the Wayfinder process, participants work together to strengthen and refine their understanding about the system in focus, the sustainability challenges they face, and to develop strategies for creating adaptive and transformative change. At the same time, they build their own capacity for creating the change they want to see. At the core of this process is the recognition that sustainable development in the 21st century requires that we, as humans, find a way to reconnect to ecosystems around us, that we become active stewards of Planet Earth and that we foster a sense of connection and reciprocity between people near and far. 


Dr. Elin Enfors-Kautsky, Researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, Project leader Wayfinder

Elin is a researcher at Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University. She is passionate about translating her knowledge of the sustainability science frontier into practical tools and approaches that can contribute to changing society for the better. She took the initiative to the Wayfinder project, and has over the past two-years led its development, being a core member of the writing team. Elin’s research interest concerns pathways to transformative change, focusing on the role of innovation for supporting multi-functional landscapes and human wellbeing in concert.

Paul Ryan, Director of the Australian Resilience Centre, Wayfinder core team

Paul is passionate about working with people to create a future that is fair, just and sustainable. He is a core member of the Wayfinder writing team. Paul is a world-leading resilience practitioner, who has facilitated over 550 days of resilience-based planning, assessment and action. He is the founding Director of the Australian Resilience Centre, and in 2012 he also founded the Australian Resilience Community of Practice. He has previously worked for the Resilience Alliance, the CSIRO; Victorian state agencies and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority.

A recording of the webinar is available here: