Slum Dwellers Count: Knowledge, Data, and Action!

In collaboration with, the Resilience MEL CoP organized a two-part webinar series based on the CoP’s Innovation Awards that focus on urban resilience measurement. The first webinar discussed how communities in the Slum Dwellers International (SDI) network are working with cities and international climate and resilience experts to bring Know Your City (KYC) slum dweller-generated data into urban resilience planning processes. 

The two innovative collaborations are: 

  • SDI and the Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation working to influence investments in sustainable infrastructure in Durban, and 

  • SDI, 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) and Itad working in Cape Town and Accra to mainstream KYC in resilience planning and implementation processes. 

The moderated discussion and Q&A session highlighted: 

  • How SDI’s Know Your City initiative mobilizes slum dwellers to collect their own data, profile their settlements and create partnerships with cities around this data. 

  • How SDI and GIB’s analysis of this data could influence decisions related to large infrastructure investments,through the use ofGIB’s Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure (SuRe®) Smartscan. 

  • How linking urban planning and investment with real-time, local data can benefit development and investment at local, national, and global levels, focusing currently on African cities in the 100RC network.

For more on this webinar, check out this Zilient blog post.

A recording of the webinar is available here: