“There is no question that building resilience must become a priority for us all….We can no longer accept our vulnerabilities or ignore the threats we live with….The good news is that resilience building is a concept that can be learned and a practice that can be developed.”

— Judith Rodin, The Resilience Dividend: Being strong in a world where things go wrong


A growing network of 250+ practitioners of resilience measurement, evaluation, assessment and learning, we make the concept of resilience actionable for policy-makers, donors, project implementors and investors. 

We collaborate to innovate and advance research, measurement and learning tools that produce credible insights into what works for increasing resilience for all in today’s complex world.

Representing 90+ organizations, our members are leaders in strengthening the evidence base for resilience investments.

the timeline of resilience in action

The concept of resilience is on a journey from theory to practice. Members have identified some milestones on that journey.

What event started you on your resilience journey? What milestones have been key along the way? You can tell us more here, and we will use this information to update the timeline.

New frontiers in using data for resilience decision-making and investments

The RMEL CoP has hosted four innovative collaborations among member organizations. Made possible with the support of The Rockefeller Foundation, these collaborations have advanced resilience practice in new and emergent areas.


Simone Verkaart leads the Global Resilience Partnership’s program-wide monitoring, evaluation and learning activities.


The inaugural RMEL Conference, brought together 200 delegates to share expertise, evidence and emerging RMEL challenges through 28 panels - comprising 104 presentations - and 3 plenary sessions.


This webinar explored: What are the links between Big Data and Resilience? What are the implications for resilience measurement practitioners?


This session introduced and covered a new process guide developed by the Stockholm Resilience Center’s GRAID program. Wayfinder is a process guide for resilience assessment, planning and action in social-ecological systems.


Since 2016, the RMEL CoP has held 4 convenings, taking place in Rome, New York, Kampala, and New Orleans.


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