Launched in 2016, the RMEL Community of Practice is a growing network of 250+ resilience-focused measurement and research scientists; monitoring, evaluation, and learning specialists; and technical advisors, programmers, and influencers from around the world.

Together we aim to:

  • create a more cohesive field of diverse actors who are collaborating to improve resilience measurement concepts, approaches, and methods and to increase capacities to use them

  • strengthen evidence of what works to increase the ability of individuals, communities, and systems to be more resilient

  • influence decision-making and sustainable development practice, policy, and investments across diverse sectors and geographies.

The RMEL CoP is a member-driven network, supported by a small secretariat, and a steering committee.

The rmel CoP Secretariat

The RMEL CoP Secretariat is led by a Director, Dorcas Robinson, supported by a Program Associate, Grace Sheed.

The RMEL CoP Strategic Advisor(s)

The RMEL CoP Strategic Advisor(s) bring extensive expertise and engage with a network of critical stakeholders in the RMEL field.

the rmel CoP Steering Committee

The ten members of the RMEL CoP Steering Committee brings substantial expertise from the public and private sectors, civil society, philanthropy, research and academia.

Former RMEL CoP Secretariat Members

Thank you to former Co-Director, Georgina Jordan and former Knowledge, Learning and Capacity-Building Coordinators, Natasha Kassami and Diana Picon, for your work with the RMEL CoP.

The RMEL CoP Funders and Partners

The RMEL CoP has been made possible with support from The Rockefeller Foundation. The Windward Fund provides ongoing grant management support for the RMEL CoP.