“There is no question that building resilience must become a priority for us all….We can no longer accept our vulnerabilities or ignore the threats we live with….The good news is that resilience building is a concept that can be learned and a practice that can be developed.”

— Judith Rodin, The Resilience Dividend: Being strong in a world where things go wrong


A growing network of 250+ practitioners of resilience measurement, evaluation, assessment and learning, we make the concept of resilience actionable for policy-makers, donors, project implementors and investors. 

We collaborate to innovate and advance research, measurement, evaluation and learning tools that produce credible insights into what works for increasing resilience for all in today’s complex world.

Representing 90+ organizations, our members are leaders in strengthening the evidence base for resilience investments.

advancing rmel in 2020

We will be co-hosting - with the GRP and Itad - a discussion about leveraging evidence and lessons for designing and implementing resilience initiatives. Do join us during Session 3 if you are participating in Building a Resilient Future.

New York, 22nd september

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elsa febles

Elsa Febles Carmona is the Senior MEAL Advisor for Resilience at Oxfam Intermón (Oxfam Spain), supporting Oxfam’s Resilience Knowledge Hub (RKH). Elsa led the development of Oxfam’s Monitoring, evaluation and learning for resilience: A companion guide (2018).


The RMEL CoP has hosted four innovative collaborations among member organizations, advancing resilience practice in new and emergent areas.

the timeline of resilience in action

The concept of resilience is on a journey from theory to practice. Members have identified some milestones on that journey.

What event started you on your resilience journey? What milestones have been key along the way? You can tell us more here, and we will use this information to update the timeline.

rmel convening 2018

The RMEL CoP and members, with support from the Global Resilience Partnership, IISD, Itad and Mercy Corps, took stock of how the growing RMEL community is generating and using evidence and knowledge to inform resilience practice and investment at scale. The convening followed the RMEL Conference 2018.

MEasuring up to the resilience challenge

Over 200 resilience measurement, evaluation and learning specialists participated in the RMEL Conference 2018.

Hosted by the Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community of Practice, in conjunction with members and partners, the conference demonstrated that investments in resilience are resulting in better outcomes in people’s lives.


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